Mar 162019

This is a simple program which can be used with Arduino Uno and RC-522 module. You don’t have to buy expensive Card Readers. With Mifare Controller program you can do

  • Read Mifare Cards
  • Write to Mifare Cards
  • You can change sector trail
  • You can manage your keys (program saves your keys)
  • You can manage your Sector Trails

In future development you are going to change Mifare Card’s UID information. (only available chineese mifare uid changeble cards)

Introduction Video



  • Arduino Uno
  • RC-522 module
  • 7 Male-Female Jumper cable
  • USB cable for Arduino (Printer cable)


Arduino IDE must be installed on your system. (because program needs to have AVRdude.exe.

Pin Connections

You can find pin connections on internet easyly, all default cases are ok. You have to connect RC-522 module to Arduino on SPI connection. On Arduino UNO SCLK, MOSI and MISO pins are static. And you have to supply RC-522 module with 3.3V and don’t forget ground.


CS Pin to ==> 10

RESET Pin to ==> 9

Otherwise RC-522 module wont work. Check your pins are connected correctly. If i don’t work please check MOSI MISO pin again.

And what about Arduino Code? Don’t worry. It is in the Mifare Controller program. You can upload the code easly in the program menu.

Download Mifare Controller

Just open rar and run .exe file. Program will want administration rights. Because it is editing key.txt file. You can see in the program folder. We suggest you to always back up your keys.text file.

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