About Me


My name is Muhammed Eminoğlu. I was Born at 24 January 1986. I am Computer Engineer and as you see my English is terrible and i don’t care about it.

I live in Turkish religious city Konya.  Actually i live on internet, just my body is in there. I work for Selcuk University IT Department’s sub organisation which name is BAUM also known as BİLMER. I work on centralized turnstile system which is controlled by iOT devices. I use as iOT device Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi and ESP8266. My Goal is not create perfect device, my main objective is create perfect protocol for automized turstile systems.

I write code in C# and Python. Usually, in iOT devices, i use python. I pray for python Flask.  I use C# for create TCP Socket server which communicates with iOT devices. I use Mysql Database for store data.

For honest am not master at anything. I do everything, but in low quality. This is Turkey’s organic problem and most of people like me. Because you don’t have time on mastering anything. Your boss expects to you make the “everything”. He/She don’t have quality criteria and don’t have any idea what you are doing. Anyway, we do “things” for living, it is  obviously we can’t change the world. As the one of the Turkish writer said “if you pass over the 30, you can’t change the world!”

In other case, i have some projects. I created Algoritma Uzmanı which is about computer engineering lessons. There are 200 articles in there. Also i created Youtube channel which name is same. There are 82 videos there. All about Data Structures and algorithm. You can access my Youtube Channel from here. But it is all in Turkish language. I have a project make youtube videos in English. If Indians have courage to do this, why i fear about my bad English 🙂

If you want to contact with me, you can see Contact link right corner of the page.

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